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Jillian Ciocchetti, MD FACS

Want to jump-start your aesthetics business, or add a cash-pay procedure to your existing medical practice? Our courses will teach you the knowledge, techniques and business acumen you need to get started now and become profitable quickly.

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"Low-cost, high-quality aesthetics training is in short supply.  My goal is to provide quality training that is affordable and given by people who are experts in their respective skills.  Not only will you learn the science behind the treatment, you will also learn insider shortcuts, cost-saving tricks, and how to make a profit in the cash-pay world of aesthetics."

—Dr. Jillian Ciocchetti, MD, FACS

We Focus On Your Business

Our training not only focuses on how to deliver effective laser treatments, but also on how to keep your costs low and deliver profitability to your business.

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Add cosmetic vein therapy to your practice and become profitable quickly!


Add Spider Vein Cosmetic Care to Your Practice

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