Spider Vein Cosmetics:

Sclerotherapy and Laser Guns!

This online course, taught by a surgeon with over ten year of experience, provides you with the knowledge, techniques and business acumen to add cosmetic spider vein treatment to your existing medical practice.

Spider Vein Cosmetics Course Options

This course has several options to fit different budgets and different schedules. Below are are some of the benefits of each option so you can choose which one is best for you.

Online Spider Vein Cosmetics Course


19  lessons to complete

Detailed explanations of ROI

Multiple videos demonstrating best practices and technique

Supply Lists

Recommendations on:

Third Party Laser Repair

Compounding Pharmacies

Compression Supplies

Laser Purchase

Buy Online Course

In-Person Spider Vein Bootcamp


plus travel costs

Includes ALL benefits and content from the online course as in-person, interactive lectures.

In addition it includes:

2 days of lunches and morning coffee

6 hours of hands-on practice on live models

Invitations to all ongoing webinars after course

30 minute free consultation with Dr. Ciocchetti to discuss your individual practice

Buy In Person Training

Hands on Practice


plus travel costs

Can be done at your location or at our training center in Denver

Includes access to forms, consents, protocols, and equipment lists

Minimum 6 hours

Schedule Session

"Loved it! Exactly what I was looking for — thoroughness, ethical, lots of safety information."

— Course Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for any physician, nurse, aesthetician, or technician who is actively involved in treating spider veins.

For best results, patients should be treated by a practice with all modalities: medical/surgical ablations, sclerotherapy, and cosmetic lasers.  Most practitioners, however, only have one of these three tools in their toolbox. 

This course is meant to teach you about all three: how they work together and when you should refer the patient out for the proper tool and skill set.

If you’re a medical professional, or you’re interested in entering the aesthetics field as a medical professional, this course could be ideal. For someone looking to start a cosmetic practice: comprehensive spider vein care is a rare entity. And unlike many of the other aesthetic procedures, you can become profitable in under ten patients. 

Many nonphysicians who are already working in medical offices take the course to gain all the academic training they need and then receive hands-on training from the medical staff in their offices.

This course was designed to benefit anyone who treats spider veins: Physicians, Nurses, Physician Assistants, Nurse Pracitioners, Aestheticians and Laser Technicians.  Even non-clinical business managers can glean important insights about supply chain, ROI and how to purchase lasers.

Sclerotherapy is generally performed by Physicians, Nurses and APPs.  It would not be appropriate for Aestheticians or Laser techs.  However, understanding how the tools work together is important information for anyone treating spider veins.

Laser therapy is often performed by both medical professionals and licensed allied health professionals. 

Individual state medical boards govern medical treatments, including laser and other light-based treatments, as they see fit. Some states have specific requirements, while others don’t. Check with your state medical board before taking the course to find out whether this program can benefit you in your current or planned role.

The Basics

  • What is Venous Disease?
  • How to Assess a Venous Patient?
  • Medical Interventions – When to Refer
  • The Importance of Compression


  • Types of Sclerosant Solutions
  • Techniques: Hand position, Setup, Supplies
  • Techniques: Flash, Push, Pump action, Palpate
  • Side Effects and Complications


  • Basic Laser Concepts
  • Techniques of Laser Vein Therapy
  • If you want to get started with a Laser…

Business Issues

  • Business Setup, ROI
  • Resources and Supply List



Jillian Ciocchetti, MD FACS

Dr. Jillian Ciocchetti and her team at Northpoint Aesthetics in Northglenn, Colorado offer aesthetic services such as injectables, cosmetic spider vein treatment, weight loss, aesthetic laser services, acne clearance, advanced skin care treatments, and hair restoration in a professional, friendly and educational environment.

Dr. Jillian Ciocchetti was raised in Arvada, Colorado. She attended medical school at Cornell University in New York City, before training as a general surgeon at Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver, Colorado. She was initially inspired to offer cosmetic services after having her adult acne cleared with advanced techniques, as well as learning how to augment her surgical practice with lasers.

Dr. Ciocchetti is currently a faculty member in the Department of General Surgery at Saint Joseph Hospital in downtown Denver.  Her general surgery practice includes acute care surgery, breast cancer surgery, varicose vein treatments, and the surgical education of residents.  Her aesthetics practice is a part-time venture, but she has a vested interest in ensuring high-quality, ethical aesthetics practices.